Hi, my name is Keiichi Iwasaki. Iam a Japanese man who is travelling around the world. Mostly I travel by bike, but sometimes I walk or handle a boat. To keep traveling I perform magic tricks on the street. This travel started 14years ago,it means I left Japan 2002.: Iam still alive and traveling far, little by little.

Through this journey I would like to find "How we could make world better".

10th Feburary,2022

I have moved to a new site!→Keiichi's around the world

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Ever dream about packing up and leaving it all behind? Now what if you only had $2 in your pocket? Ten years ago that’s...

National Geographicさんの投稿 2011年9月13日
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Man Bikes Around the World with $2 in Pocket
The Telegraph Cyclist on 30,000-mile, 8-year journey through 37 countries on battered bike
World Truth TV Man Leaves Japan to bike around the world with only 2$
Japanese Web site Musenryokouki

10th Feburary,2022

I have moved to a new site!→Keiichi's around the world

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16th,Dec,2019 I was on Got Talent Espana Final!

12th,Mrach,2017 I wan on iUmor Romania TV.

30th,March,2016 I was on Italia's got talent TV.

Se lo stipendio non vi è ancora arrivato, ma avete bisogno di contanti fate come il mago Keiichi! #IGT vi aspetta stasera per un'altra incredibile puntata!

TV8 - Canale 8さんの投稿 2016年4月6日

picture0max 「0×0×0 To MAX」
On my journey I stayed in Nepal for one year to study mountaineering. I joined an international expedition and climbed the Mount Everest which has the height of 8848 meters. I started from sea level (0 meter) to reach the top by only using oxygen and my own human strength. The first “0” in this title means “sea level 0 meter”, the second “0” stands for “0 fuel” and the third “0” rates my money: I had “0” money when I started.

retrun0 「Return to 0」
When I reached the top of the world at 8848 meters, a completely opposite idea came to my head. The story continues, but now going down: from 8848 meters to 0 meter, using only my own powers and the powers of nature. I came down to India, walking and cycling, and I got a hand rowing boat from Varanasi to the sea.

kaspian_picture 「Across Caspian Sea」
The Caspian Sea is in fact the biggest lake in the world. When I passed Iran I was wondering: “How big is the Caspian Sea actually?” To find out, I crossed it, using a hand rowing boat again. It took me 25 days.