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Tour of Japan’s 47 prefectures

I spent about 2month in Tokyo like a homeless and started leaving with Hitchhiking to around inside Japan.

The first memorable hitchhiker was Mr. Dai, who runs a tofu shop in the area. He told me that he used to love travelling and met a lot of people in his travels. Perhaps it is because of this experience that he is kind to people who are travelling. He told me that if I wanted to go for a long distance, it would be better to go to the entrance of the motorway, so he gave me a lift there. For me, it doesn’t make much difference whether it’s the first road or the entrance to the motorway, I’m just happy to get a bit further from where I was before.
 He dropped me off at the entrance to the motorway, I thanked him and saw his wagon off. It was already dark but the rain had stopped. I can start hitchhiking at the entrance to the motorway, if I succeed here I will be able to leave Tokyo this time.

[phot]Good bye TOKYO

From here I will take the motorway to Fukuoka. There must be a cargo ship bound for Korea from Fukuoka. At least there must be a ferry to Korea. If I can somehow get on it, we will be overseas at once.

but I decided to go around my own country, Japan, before I went abroad.

Japan is an island country with 47 prefectures, and although I grew up in Japan, I didn’t see all of them.

[map][map]Inside Japan map

In the end I managed to travel around 47 prefectures of Japan only by hitchhiking.

 Then came 2002.

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