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Sleep outside in China

I just kept riding west to west to get around the bay, I didn’t stop and I kept riding until the sun went down.

I thought, “I could have gone around the bay after this long.
So I took the road to the south. As I started to head south, it was getting darker and I was farther away from the city, so I looked for a place to camp.

Hitchhikers have to walk a lot to find a place to stay, but bicycles can easily travel a couple of kilometres,

so it’s easy to find a place to stay. I decided to spend my first night in China in the shade of a field just off the road.

Here I could not be seen from the road, and because it was a field there were no people walking near me, so I found a good place.

I had chosen my camping place carefully.

But there is nothing “safe” about camping. I had a lot of lunch with Mr. Yoon, so I didn’t eat anything for dinner, but spread out my sleeping bag and lay down.

[phot]my first night in China

It was my first day in the country and I was very nervous, but once I lay down I fell asleep without even looking at the starry sky. When I woke up, it was dawn and the sky was slightly brighter than before.

I turn my head to the direction of the voice and see two ladies walking through the field, I was hiding, hoping they wouldn’t see me, but I was sleeping in the path of the field and they were passing close by.

I thought,

“Don’t come here!”,

but to my dismay, they unhesitatingly came towards me and said,

“What’s that?
What’s that?”

They spoke to me in Chinese, but of course I couldn’t understand a word of it. I’m sure the first thing she said was

“Why are you sleeping in such a place? ”

I think the first word was “Why are you sleeping there? After that,

they spoke to me in Chinese, but I couldn’t understand them at all. If I could understand even one or two words, I could explain a little, but I couldn’t understand a single word, and when she saw me in a daze, she must have understood that I couldn’t understand a word at all,

[phot]I slept outside always in China

because She walked away with a look of disgust. As always, when you wake up in a foreign country and someone comes to me, I feel like I’ve lost all my strength and energy, but I wake up perfectly.

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