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Where I slept in Cambodia

 As I left the village, the surface of the paved road began to get rougher and rougher, and gradually the paved area became less and less, until finally there was no pavement at all, just dirt.

[phot]The road is no longer paved

Sometimes the road was deeply gouged and filled with water, which slowed me down, but I had to pedal harder.

[phot]Sometimes the road is gouged and filled with water.

 Yesterday was my last night in Vietnam, today is my first night in Cambodia.

I had been advised by someone I met in Vietnam not to move after dark in Cambodia.

There was a civil war in Cambodia until a few years ago and many people still have firearms from that time.

I decided to look for a place where I could sleep earlier than usual.

There was a big petrol station, the first one in Cambodia, and I asked the old man if I could sleep in the corner with a gesture, he didn’t know what I was talking about, but a young English speaking man nearby explained and said “OK”.

[phot]my first night in Cambodia slept Petrol station

While I was getting ready for bed, some onlookers came to see me, but once I lay down and fell asleep, no one spoke to me, so I slept well.

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