I put the tent on the road side

Light of the moon

  • 2003年4月16日
  • 2022年2月25日
  • 2003

I am now on an unpredictable uphill slope, I think the altitude is in the late 3000m range, but I’m not sure.

unpaved uphill
[phot]unpaved uphill
The valley side is a sheer cliff that makes you cower when you look down.

some part seems very danger
[phot]some part seems very danger
It is unpaved, so of course there are no ‘guardrails’.

It was fine to push the bike on the way up, but on the way down, if you went too fast and missed a turn, you could easily go to the other side.

almost whole day uphill
[phot]almost whole day uphill
As it was only uphill, I didn’t get to ride my bike at all for the rest of the day.

I set up my tent on the side of the road, where it was a bit wider, and lay down.

I put the tent on the road side
[phot]I put the tent on the road side
After a while I saw a strong light coming into the tent from outside, I didn’t hear an engine but I thought it was a car approaching, so I looked out of the tent and saw that it was the light of the moon.

“I didn’t know the moon could be so bright” I thought, I could almost read in the moonlight.

The moon was large and full, floating in the cloudless sky, lighting up the area, and it was definitely the brightest moon I had ever seen.

The mountains were black and there was no artificial light to be seen.

Not a sound could be heard except the wind, which made me feel as if I were alone on earth.

I gazed at the moon, which was as majestic as a painting.

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I put the tent on the road side