we three go a head Nepal together

Let’s go to Nepal with bicycle

  • 2003年5月20日
  • 2022年3月14日
  • 2003

“I’m going on bike too”

Maro suddenly said.

I was a little surprised to hear him say this, given his calm and soft impression.

 I met Maro at a dormitory in Snowland Hostel.

I met Maro in Hostel in Lhasa
[phot]I met Maro in Hostel in Lhasa

He had travelled from Japan to Shanghai and backpacked from there, but had met a gambling scam in Thailand that had swindled him out of most of his travel money.

He somehow managed to beat the remaining funds and hitchhiked to Tibet.

There he met me and said he wanted to travel by bicycle and camping as a way to travel with the little money he had left.

And he wanted to do it not on a luxury bicycle, but on a simple bicycle.

We decided to ride together, “all the way to Nepal”.

I have met several cyclists in the past, but they all had good bicycles, so it was difficult to ride with them because of the difference in pace.

With a simple bicycle, I think the pace is almost the same.

If we were going to eat in restaurants and stay in hotels, we wouldn’t be able to keep pace financially, but once we got to the outskirts of Tibet, there were no hotels or shops, just wilderness, so money wouldn’t be a problem.

 I’ve been ploughing along on my own, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it will be like for the two of us.

Maro bought a simple bicycle and tent
[phot]Maro bought a simple bicycle and tent

Mr Omi left on his journey.

He left early in the morning for Mount Kailas, a sacred mountain in Tibet, and was not expected back for at least a week, but within a few hours Mr Omi returned.

“What happened?”

When asked, he said that as the bus was going to a ‘place you are not allowed to go’ without a permit, the prosecutor who organised the trip found out and forced him off the bus.

This is something that is unique to Tibet, which is not open to foreigners.

Mr Omi was looking forward to going to Mount Kailas, so he was disappointed and his shoulders slumped.

In an attempt to cheer her up, I asked her if he would like to go with me on a bicycle.

I asked him if he would be interested in heading to Mount Kailas or cycling to Nepal, as I thought both were a bit of an adventure.

There was a pause.

“If it wasn’t for the luggage”

Omi says. According to the internet, the road from Lhasa to Nepal is not that hard, so

“I’ll pull your pushchair!”


“Eh! Really?”

we three go a head Nepal together
[phot]we three go a head Nepal together

The reply was enthusiastic. Once that happened, the story was set. Following Maro, Omi-san was to head for Nepal together.

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we three go a head Nepal together