one area in Covent Garden

After Rome, go to Britain

The Festival dell’Oriente, an Asian festival held in Italy, which I wrote about in my last diary, took place in Rome at the end of April and I arrived in the UK at the end of the festival.

This diary is about the following.

Festival dell’Oriente in Rome

In my last diary I wrote about the Asian-themed ‘Festival dell’Oriente’ Festival dell’Oriente, which took place in Turin, Italy, and in the city of Forli, near Bologna.

The festival tours Italy in a touring style, visiting 7-8 cities per year. This time I was invited to participate and perform in Rome.

The venue in Rome was packed to capacity and it was as if the Corona pandemic had ended.

Full of people in Festival
[photo]Full of people in Festival

On the stage, there are performances related to Asian countries, with Japanese drumming being one of the most popular performances.

Some of my friends who live in Rome visited me and we had a reunion after a long time.

After the festival, go to the UK

After the festival in Rome, we flew from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport to London, England, in one go. By plane, unfortunately.

Fiumichino Airport in Roma
[photo]Fiumichino Airport in Roma

Why did I come to the UK?

I can’t tell you why yet, but it is an errand related to my performance.

The first thing I thought about the UK was that I was happy to know what signs.

I can understand what written
[photo]I can understand what written

Sign-board displays in countries around the world are, of course, in the language of the country, i.e. the UK is English.

It starts with a simple ‘EXIT’ and so on, and various explanations are also written in English so you can understand what they mean. This was very helpful.

Also, as a matter of course, the language spoken is also English. This is also very helpful.

I took a train to London city center
[phot]I took a train to London city center

Covent garden

I remember performing tricks on the pedestrian path along the River Thames under the London Eye when I used to visit London.

I did performance near London Eye
[photo]I did performance near London Eye

I thought I would be in the same place this time, but due to restrictions I was no longer able to do so.

When I was looking for a place where I could do street performances, a magic shop assistant told me that there was a section of Covent Garden where I could do magic, so I headed for Covent Garden.

Covent Garden is located close to the centre of London and is a no-vehicle area with various markets, which is why there are many pedestrians walking around and it is also known for its many street performers.

Incidentally, Covent Garden is also a bit of a dream destination for street performers.

A magic shop assistant told me that there is an area in this part of Covent Garden where magicians perform.

On Saturday, I visited there was an area where magicians perform their tricks on the street.

one area in Covent Garden
[photo]one area in Covent Garden

I spoke to a magician who was waiting his turn and was told that I could perform if I got in line in the right order.

I was very grateful for this, so I got in line and waited for my turn.

Naturally, I watch the acts of the people in front of me, and they are all amazing. From gathering the audience to getting the crowd excited, it was wonderful.

I feel like I want to learn a lot more from watching other people’s acts rather than doing performances here.

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