Keiichi Iwasaki's around the world


About Keiichi

First name is Keiichi and last name is Iwasaki.

I was born 1972 in Maebashi city in Japan.

Maebashi is around 100km North-West from TOKYO.

It is in Gunma Prefecture.

Before I left Japan worked with my father’s small company of Air-conditioner.

and that time I had a dream to see the world. so I decide to leave for seeing the world when I was 28 years old.

-How did my parents say?

They were totally agree with my opinion to see the world.

They recommended to go.

-How long did I plan to see the world?

At first I thought about 3years is enough.

but once out of Japan , the world is so wide and 3 years is not enough to see .

and it is getting longer and longer. until today.

Now I think as possible as I can I will keep going.

[phot]the world is wide

-When did you start lean Magic tricks?

 when I was Jr high school student , One teacher did small tricks in class room very often.

so I was interested doing Magic tricks and learn by my self from Book and Tv.

Magic tricks was my hobby and I did sometimes show on street.

During this traveling Magic helps me so much for keeping traveling.

【写真】showing Magic tricks helps me a lot