The third bicycle

Before I left from Bankgkok I went to Kitbut’s office to say goodbye. He was in the office and he looked at my bicycle and said, “Why don’t you change your ‘bicycle-like vehicl […]

The only way to India is over the Himalayas

As we couldn’t get on a boat from Singapore, the only way to get to India was over the Himalayas. From Singapore I turned back to Thailand, then through Laos and into China. Then through the Tib […]

To Malaysia

When I reached Hat Yai, a town only 100km from the Malaysian border, I saw women with veils in their hair and men with white hats, which I had never seen before in the country I was passing through. I […]

Cambodia to Thailand

Up to the Thai border, the road was like a washboard where you couldn’t even ride a bicycle, but when we entered Thailand, there was a beautiful paved road. There were white lines separating the […]