bicycle is slow but you can see more things

This is a page, Keiichi the author and traveler , describes my travels with very low budget and How it is going.

Traveling with bicycle
[phot]Traveling with bicycle in Nepal
Keiichi Iwasaki,I am Japanese.

Traveling Since 2002 I left Japan ,Never return ,Never go back, keep traveling until today (April,2022).

It means 20 years I have kept traveling.

After I left Japan, I went across South Asian countries and past Tibet across Himalayan range, to India.

and Passing through Pakistan and Iran to Europe.

Europe map
[map]From Bulgaria to Italy
And now I am in Italy(Year 2022).

You are wondering “Am I missing Japan or not” Actually not so much because my parent and friends sometimes to see me during this 20 years

and Nowadays we can easily contact over Internet ,

Also almost every day I meet new people and that makes me feel lonely.

Sometimes I miss Japanese food though.

if you travel very quick ,It only takes few months for around the world ,But I am going slow by using local bicycle, It takes a lot of time ,And I can see much more things and meet more people living in this world.

This style is my favorite.

bicycle is slow but you can see more things
[phot]bicycle is slow but you can see more things
 Usually I am using local bicycle, And till 2022 I changed 4times my bike .Because of twice stolen and twice broken.

Many people ask me, “why you do this kind of traveling?”,

I always say , “If I use airplane to come here, I just only see here ,But If I use bicycle and come slowly I could see more things.(but It takes a lot of time)It is important for me, to know “what is the world like” ,

more than living one place peacefully.

Before I slept in Tent very often.
[phot]Before I slept in Tent very often.
 For keeping travel I show Magic tricks on street where I visit.

I do street show
[phot] I do street show
These years I tried to participate some of Got’s Talent TV program in Europe countries.

When I was in Spain's got talent
[phot]When I was in Spain’s got talent
Italia's got talent
[phot]Italia’s got talent
You can see some of Video which I was in Got’s talent from my Youtube channel

Years Timeline What happened


First 1 year I just traveled inside Japan ,by Hitchhiking.

Japan has 47 prefectures I visited all of them ,took about 1year.


I started traveling bicycle from China, my first bicycle was stolen in Hong kong.

when I was in Cambodia
[phot]when I was in Cambodia

Asian countries , Vietnam, Cambodia, Thai, Malaysia, Singapore. etc.


Nepal, India, Started to “0x0x0 project” from India, Kanyakumari


I stayed in Nepal and studying Mountaineering, and Joined to International Expedition team, Climbed Mt .Everest 8848m Summit on 31st,May.

Summit of Mt.Everest 8848m
[phot]Summit of Mt.Everest 8848m
and using Hand rowing boat down river “Ganga” to the sea around 1300km, 35days.


In Iran ,Across “Caspian sea” by Hand rowing boat around 470km, 21days. To Turkey and Entered Europe

Across Caspian Sea by rowing boat
[phot]Across Caspian Sea by rowing boat

Balkans and Central Europe, During winter I helped Guest house in Hungary, and stay there.


Germany, France, etc. to Spain

Belin, Germany
[phot]Belin, Germany

Portugal, Spain again ,France ,Switzerland, Austria, again France,

Zermatt Swiss
[phot]Zermatt Swiss

Italy, Malta, again Italy I am going up to north Italy,


Went to San Marino and back to Italy and heading for Slovenia.


From Slovenia down to Croatia and around Istria Peninsula, and down coast along Adriatic Sea.

along the Adriatic Sea
[phot]along the Adriatic Sea

Took a ferry to south Italy from Croatia, and run in Puglia Italy and Montenegro and Albania.


From Napoli, Sicilia Italy to Tunisia Africa by ferry boat.


Run East coast of Italy along Adriatic sea. and went Croatia again. During Summer spent a south of Italy .

Street in Italy
[phot]Street in Italy

Visit north Italy and run Milano to Torino, and Venezia Careneval.

I took part in Italia’s got talent.

Italia's got talent
[phot]Italia’s got talent

Romani, Albania ,Montenegro ,Serbia


Romania ,Germany ,Italy.


I took part in Spain’s got talent and I made it to the final.

Spain's got talent
[phot]Spain’s got talent

Covid Pandemic ,Bulgaria , Turky.


Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia.

Kosovo border
[phot]Kosovo border
Bulgaria’s got talent and German got talent I tried.

[phot]Germany got talent©StefanGregorowius

Let’s see what happen this year ,

I am still on my way.

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