Tour of Japan’s 47 prefectures

I spent about 2month in Tokyo like a homeless and started leaving with Hitchhiking to around inside Japan. The first memorable hitchhiker was Mr. Dai, who runs a tofu shop in the area. He told me that […]


It’s been a few weeks since I started homeless in Tokyo. I’ve learned a little about the homeless day. Basically nothing, but getting food is important, most important . As soon as this fa […]

What to do about food

It’s a little after 1am and I’m in front of the fast food shop. There were already a few homeless people glimpsed in the shadows, all waiting for the blinds to come down on the front door. […]

Start from Tokyo

I’m riding in the car of a friend of mine who is on his way to Tokyo from Gunma prefecture. The destination is Shinjuku, Tokyo. The highway is empty at night, the street lights are evenly spaced […]