After Rome, go to Britain

The Festival dell’Oriente, an Asian festival held in Italy, which I wrote about in my last diary, took place in Rome at the end of April and I arrived in the UK at the end of the festival. This […]

Festivals in Italy

Looking back, the last time I wrote a diary was in February and now it is April. Looking back at what on earth I was doing, there were a few events in Italy in March, which were somewhat busy, and now […]

Fly to Istanbul

In Japan, There is a song called “Fly to Istanbul”. When I looked it up, I found that it was a hit song by Mayo Shono in 1978. It was 44 years ago. I don’t think many people know it, […]

2022 is the 20th years of no return to Japan

The year 2022 has begun. It’s funny how the end of December brings with it the start of a new year and a new feeling of renewal. I left Japan on the 24th of March 2002, so 2022 will be exactly 2 […]

Start Again for Everest with 0x0x0

A wallet with a unique embroidery called “Lokshikata” from an orphanage in Bangladesh, I turned it over and took out all the money I could find.  A few silver coins. That was all the money […]

Let’s go to Nepal with bicycle

“I’m going on bike too” Maro suddenly said. I was a little surprised to hear him say this, given his calm and soft impression.  I met Maro at a dormitory in Snowland Hostel. He had t […]


I arrived Lhasa Capital city of Tibet. and I found an internet shop after a long time, went inside and “Can I borrow your power supply?” and when I was talking to the shopkeeper in writing […]


 A gentle uphill climb along the river continues, and according to our calculations, I have 50 km left until the final pass, and once over this pass, it should be all downhill to Lhasa, which is my go […]

Hospitals in Zogon

I arrived at a town called Zogon, I couldn’t sleep, thinking: “If I get sick, I might die” I couldn’t sleep for fear of getting sick. The next morning I quickly took down my te […]

Don’t worry, there’s no rabies?

“I could die” These words began to run through my head. After the disinfectant had been applied, and the dog was no longer attacking, I shouted out to the building where the dog was probab […]