Let’s go to Nepal with bicycle

“I’m going on bike too” Maro suddenly said. I was a little surprised to hear him say this, given his calm and soft impression.  I met Maro at a dormitory in Snowland Hostel. He had t […]


I arrived Lhasa Capital city of Tibet. and I found an internet shop after a long time, went inside and “Can I borrow your power supply?” and when I was talking to the shopkeeper in writing […]


 A gentle uphill climb along the river continues, and according to our calculations, I have 50 km left until the final pass, and once over this pass, it should be all downhill to Lhasa, which is my go […]

Hospitals in Zogon

I arrived at a town called Zogon, I couldn’t sleep, thinking: “If I get sick, I might die” I couldn’t sleep for fear of getting sick. The next morning I quickly took down my te […]

Don’t worry, there’s no rabies?

“I could die” These words began to run through my head. After the disinfectant had been applied, and the dog was no longer attacking, I shouted out to the building where the dog was probab […]

The brand of death

I can’t run up a hill on my bike, especially with all the luggage I’m carrying, so I always push my bike uphill. Somewhere along the way, I developed a style of pushing my bike up hills. W […]

Securing water

I woke up on the edge of a cliff, no one was in sight, no cars were passing, it was a quiet dawn. For breakfast I had cookies with lots of honey. The road here is particularly narrow, barely wide enou […]

Pass at 4300m

After two full days of pushing our bikes, I finally reached the 4300m pass, which was covered in snow. There are 7 more passes like this one in Tibet, so I can’t be too happy. No sooner had I re […]

Light of the moon

I am now on an unpredictable uphill slope, I think the altitude is in the late 3000m range, but I’m not sure. The valley side is a sheer cliff that makes you cower when you look down. It is unpa […]

Into Tibet

After leaving Lijiang, I went downhill for a while and then uphill for a long time. Unlike the other villages I had visited, this one was made of logs and was built like a log cabin. The dress of the […]