many people is just passing in front of me


It’s been a few weeks since I started homeless in Tokyo.

I’ve learned a little about the homeless day.

Basically nothing, but getting food is important, most important . As soon as this fails, “hunger” comes around.

getting food is most important things
[phot]getting food is most important things

That’s why I do nothing every day, but this is what I desperately need to do.

The outcasts of society are outside the framework of society and manage to live day by day on the rubbish that is thrown outside of it.

Every day at midnight, I hang around a certain shop near the east exit, waiting for a bag of rubbish to be brought in from inside the shop.

Do not go rifling through the rubbish as soon as the bags arrive.

Don’t go rifling through the rubbish as soon as the bags arrive, but only after the shopkeeper is out of sight. If the clerk notices you rummaging through the rubbish, he will give you a warning, or if you are a bad person, he may even beat you up.

The other day a homeless man was kicked when the shopkeeper found him.

“Isn’t it terrible that they are just picking through the rubbish?”

I thought, but from their point of view, I wondered if I was the same as the crows that swarmed around the rubbish, and they didn’t see me as a person.

After seeing such a thing, I became cautious about picking through the rubbish.

When I first arrived here, I wondered if there was a “territory”, but as nothing was said about this shop, I guessed there was no territory.

Every day the rubbish is taken out after midnight, and the rubbish truck arrives around 1am. In the meantime, they go through the rubbish when the shopkeeper is not around.

If the truck arrives, all the rubbish will be cleaned up and we will have to wait until the next day at midnight without getting any food.

If the rubbish is safely getting, depending on the amount, I don’t eat it all but save it for lunch the next day.

This is what I have to do once a day in order to live on the street.

many people is just passing in front of me
[phot]many people is just passing in front of me

Everyone just pass in front of me. Since I started this journey, I have experienced the “hungriest time of my life” and the “most uncommunicative time of my life”.

I have never felt so comfortable in my life, knowing that this world exists right next to my everyday life, depending on what I do.

I thought I wouldn’t have to speak if there was no one around to exchange words with, but now I talk to myself a lot. Every time I wanted to do something, I had to say it as if I were ordering myself to do it. If I don’t do that, I will forget to speak.

People who don’t have a place to be are lonely.

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many people is just passing in front of me