Go with bicycle

Start Again for Everest with 0x0x0

A wallet with a unique embroidery called “Lokshikata” from an orphanage in Bangladesh, I turned it over and took out all the money I could find.

 A few silver coins. That was all the money I had.

 I handed it to the girl, who looked at me and held out her right palm to me.

 She takes it and makes a gesture as if to ask for more.
 Is that too little?

But the money I gave her was my entire fortune.

I turned my wallet upside down and not a coin more came out.

“It’s finish…”

She understood what I meant and reluctantly left me.

The amount of money I have is completely zero YEN… No, it’s India, so zero Rupees.

Without Traveller’s Check
Of course, I don’t have a cash card.

Genuine “0 money”

Cape Komorin in India is located at the southernmost tip of India and is known as “Kanyakumari”, a sanctuary of Hinduism.

In fact, rather than the name “Cape Comorin”
The name “Kanyakumari” is more common in India. It’s not a cape on a precipitous cliff, but a sandy beach that gently leads to the surface of the sea …
“0m above sea level”

Kanyakumari is a holy place for Hindus
[phot]Kanyakumari is a holy place for Hindus

“From here…” he said, touching the surface of the water.
The air is hot, but the water is cold.
I get on my “Simple bicycle”, a bike given to me by Kit Bhutto in Thailand.
No fuel, only human power.
“0 fuel”

Go with bicycle
[phot]Go with bicycle

In the earth, the highest point , I knew it all before I ever learned it in primary schools.


The mountain. 8848m above sea level. Nothing, just aim there.

The journey has begun again.

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Go with bicycle