China again

I was worried about the state of the pavement on the way to the border, but from about 20km before the border it was well paved. Thanks to the paved road I was able to reach the border town of Boten b […]

Run away in underpants

It had started to rain, so I moved under the railway line before midnight, thinking that I would be safe from the rain here. The passage under the elevated railway is still under construction, one sid […]

Sleep outside in China

I just kept riding west to west to get around the bay, I didn’t stop and I kept riding until the sun went down. I thought, “I could have gone around the bay after this long. So I took the […]

Start cycling from Qingdao China and Go west!

Finally I arrived in South Korea Capital city Soul. and I met Teacher Sim Sonsenin and spend a few week and helped with gardener. Then Sim Sosenin gave me a ticket to China. From Incheon, Korea to Qin […]