The festival site is packed every day.

Festivals in Italy

Looking back, the last time I wrote a diary was in February and now it is April.

Looking back at what on earth I was doing, there were a few events in Italy in March, which were somewhat busy, and now that they are finally over, I’m taking a break.

What, you were that busy? You might think that I wasn’t that busy, but for some reason I didn’t get around to blogging (good reason).

Istanbul to Italy

In my previous diary I flew to Istanbul, but this time I flew from Istanbul to Italy.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been invited to an event in Italy, and I really don’t know if I’ll be invited or not until just before the event, but I’ve been invited, so I’m heading to Italy.

The venue this time is in the northern part of Italy, in a city called Turin. Turin is famous for the Turin Olympics, but like all cities in Italy, it is also a city with a long history!

Turin is another city with a long history.
[phot]Turin is another city with a long history.

The event we are participating in is a festival dealing with Asian themes called ‘Festival dell’Oriente’, which has appeared several times in this diary.

Festival dell'Oriente 2020 Torino
Festival dell’Oriente

From Istanbul, I fly to Italy.

Full to capacity

Italy was no exception to the global outbreak of the new coronavirus, with events being cancelled and postponed.

 Italy, in particular, had the second largest outbreak after China before the new coronavirus spread worldwide, so much so that the famous Venice Carnival was urgently cancelled before the last day of the festival.

 It really has been two whole years since then, and the ‘Festival dell’Oriente’ Festival dell’Oriente was also set to return in March 2022.

 It was held last December for a look-see, but from March 2022 it will return in earnest, in the same style as last time, going from place to place all over Italy.

So the starting point is Turin.

 I was concerned about whether people would come, as there was a two-year blank and it was after the new Corona pandemic.

 However, when the festival finally took place, it was packed every day.

The festival site is packed every day.
[Phot]The festival site is packed every day.

Proof of vaccination was required for entry and masks had to be worn inside the building, but the place was as busy as if it had been pre-Corona.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on stage and my Italian lines were suspect, but I feel like I managed to do my part.

 I hope that the event will again take place without any restrictions as before.

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The festival site is packed every day.