My first bicycle was stolen

I came down China along the coast and arrived in Hong Kong. It was few days of my stay at Mr. Takahashi’s house in Hong Kong. The library in Hong Kong had free internet access, so I had been goi […]

Run away in underpants

It had started to rain, so I moved under the railway line before midnight, thinking that I would be safe from the rain here. The passage under the elevated railway is still under construction, one sid […]

Sleep outside in China

I just kept riding west to west to get around the bay, I didn’t stop and I kept riding until the sun went down. I thought, “I could have gone around the bay after this long. So I took the […]

Start cycling from Qingdao China and Go west!

Finally I arrived in South Korea Capital city Soul. and I met Teacher Sim Sonsenin and spend a few week and helped with gardener. Then Sim Sosenin gave me a ticket to China. From Incheon, Korea to Qin […]

Cold morning

I spread out my sleeping bags on a road construction site on the outskirts of the city and went to sleep. I knew it was going to be cold when I went to sleep, but it was really cold that day. I took o […]

Tickets to Korea

 The year 2002 has come and I vowed that this year we would go abroad. After stopping at Mr. Umeyama’s place in Tokyo, I started my journey south again. I am aiming for Shimonoseki or Fukuoka in […]

Tour of Japan’s 47 prefectures

I spent about 2month in Tokyo like a homeless and started leaving with Hitchhiking to around inside Japan. The first memorable hitchhiker was Mr. Dai, who runs a tofu shop in the area. He told me that […]


It’s been a few weeks since I started homeless in Tokyo. I’ve learned a little about the homeless day. Basically nothing, but getting food is important, most important . As soon as this fa […]

What to do about food

It’s a little after 1am and I’m in front of the fast food shop. There were already a few homeless people glimpsed in the shadows, all waiting for the blinds to come down on the front door. […]