The brand of death

I can’t run up a hill on my bike, especially with all the luggage I’m carrying, so I always push my bike uphill. Somewhere along the way, I developed a style of pushing my bike up hills. W […]

Securing water

I woke up on the edge of a cliff, no one was in sight, no cars were passing, it was a quiet dawn. For breakfast I had cookies with lots of honey. The road here is particularly narrow, barely wide enou […]

Pass at 4300m

After two full days of pushing our bikes, I finally reached the 4300m pass, which was covered in snow. There are 7 more passes like this one in Tibet, so I can’t be too happy. No sooner had I re […]

Light of the moon

I am now on an unpredictable uphill slope, I think the altitude is in the late 3000m range, but I’m not sure. The valley side is a sheer cliff that makes you cower when you look down. It is unpa […]

Into Tibet

After leaving Lijiang, I went downhill for a while and then uphill for a long time. Unlike the other villages I had visited, this one was made of logs and was built like a log cabin. The dress of the […]

China again

I was worried about the state of the pavement on the way to the border, but from about 20km before the border it was well paved. Thanks to the paved road I was able to reach the border town of Boten b […]

Night road under a full moon

 As I left the building after immigration, I was suddenly confronted with unpaved roads, which became my first impression of Laos. I was shocked to see that the roads were not paved, the distance I co […]

The third bicycle

Before I left from Bankgkok I went to Kitbut’s office to say goodbye. He was in the office and he looked at my bicycle and said, “Why don’t you change your ‘bicycle-like vehicl […]

The only way to India is over the Himalayas

As we couldn’t get on a boat from Singapore, the only way to get to India was over the Himalayas. From Singapore I turned back to Thailand, then through Laos and into China. Then through the Tib […]

6 weeks in Singapore Port

As Myanmar could not be passed, I thought of crossing to India by boat from Singapore. Passing through Malaysia to Singapore, a country at the end of the Malay Peninsula. The road signs have been chan […]