To Malaysia

When I reached Hat Yai, a town only 100km from the Malaysian border, I saw women with veils in their hair and men with white hats, which I had never seen before in the country I was passing through. I […]

Cambodia to Thailand

Up to the Thai border, the road was like a washboard where you couldn’t even ride a bicycle, but when we entered Thailand, there was a beautiful paved road. There were white lines separating the […]

Bicycle shoper Bee

I was riding well on the good roads when I got a puncture just before the city of Siem Reap. The city was just around the corner, so I walked into town, pushing my bike, hoping to “get to a bike […]


Cambodia was an open plain, with endless views on both sides of the road, paddy fields in some places and unplanted water in others. Even though it was September, the temperature was getting hotter, n […]

Where I slept in Cambodia

 As I left the village, the surface of the paved road began to get rougher and rougher, and gradually the paved area became less and less, until finally there was no pavement at all, just dirt. Someti […]

Kingdom of Cambodia

At the border between Vietnam and Cambodia, there was no river, no mountains, nothing but a flat plain with a magnificent gate. I couldn’t help but think, “Isn’t this an easy way to […]

National road no1

As soon as my Cambodian visa was successfully obtained, I started to travel south through Vietnam. The national highway connecting Hanoi, the capital, and Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city, is Line 1 […]

The first night in Vietnaam

It’s the end of our first day in Vietnam. I had to find a place to sleep,” I thought. There was a vacant lot with a few houses, so I decided to sleep in the corner. I don’t know how […]

Entry to Vietnam

By the time I reached Dongxing, the border town on the Chinese side of the border, it was around nine in the evening. On the side of the main street that runs through the centre of the city, there is […]