they invited me to this room

The first night in Vietnaam

It’s the end of our first day in Vietnam.

Start running in Vietnam
[phot]Start running in Vietnam

I had to find a place to sleep,” I thought.

There was a vacant lot with a few houses, so I decided to sleep in the corner.

I don’t know how long I slept, but I woke up to the sound of a motorbike.

I open my eyes, the lights of the motorbike are dazzling my sleepy eyes, “someone is coming” I think, and before I know it, he is coming towards me and saying something, but I can’t understand him at all, plus I can’t write, so I get up thinking

“what am I going to do?

In China they wouldn’t have known I was a foreigner until I spoke to them, but in Vietnam they immediately knew I was a foreigner.

I said the word “Japanese”, which I had just learned, and gestured that I would sleep here.

I don’t know what came over him, but he said

“OK, OK”

and went back to the road. Just as I was beginning to fall asleep again, I heard the sound of an engine and then the sound of talking.

I got up again and explained verbally and non-verbally that I was Japanese and that I was going to sleep here.

They’re both talking, pointing at the sky, miming something falling, something falling from the sky:

“It’s raining.”

I knew immediately.

“Is it going to rain?”

“It’s coming down,”

and then the other guy makes a gesture that could be taken as,

“Follow me, I’ll show you where there’s a roof, it’s just around the corner,”

so I folded up my luggage and followed the pair of bikers, not suspecting anything.

I walked in and saw a couple of men coming out the front. I didn’t think it was a bad idea, they were all very curious and excited about what was going on.

these guys invited me
[phot]these guys invited me

They seemed to be saying,

“If you want to sleep there, you should go there,”

One of the men unlocked a room in another building and showed me to a room.

It was a beautiful room with emerald green walls, a table and chairs and a ceiling fan running.

“sleep here”,

it seemed to say.

they invited me to this room
[phot]they invited me to this room

I were suddenly in a beautiful private room from a field. I was honestly happy, and the development that is rare in China suddenly happened on the first day in Vietnam.

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they invited me to this room