I slept on harbor

6 weeks in Singapore Port

As Myanmar could not be passed, I thought of crossing to India by boat from Singapore.

Passing through Malaysia to Singapore, a country at the end of the Malay Peninsula.

arrive in Singapore
[phot]Arrive in Singapore

The road signs have been changed to “English” and the roads are well maintained and the city looks as clean as they say.

I remember reading in my junior high school English textbook that “there is not a single piece of rubbish in Singapore”.

  I remember one of my friends saying “Singapore has strict rules and regulations and sleeping in the open is forbidden”.

But I’m optimistic, the chances of a policeman finding a stray sleeping in the dark are pretty slim.

If you lie on the side of the road, a passing police car might spot you, but if you lie in the shadows, they won’t unless you call them.

It is difficult to draw a line between lying down on a bench for a rest and camping out, as camping can be seen as resting on a bench in the middle of the night.

In other words, it would be difficult to strictly prohibit camping.

I carefully searched for a place to sleep, but Singapore is so well managed that it is difficult to find a place to lie down.

After carefully following the side of the road, I came across a small park just off the road.

In the centre of the park there was a metal bed with some other outdoor equipment for simple training, the metal bed was probably for abdominal training.

The metal bed is probably for sit-ups.

Slept in metal bed
[phot]Slept in metal bed

I thought to myself in the dark and lay down. Before I fall asleep, I think to myself, “I have to get up early tomorrow morning”, because this park has a lot of training equipment, and in my experience, people always start training early in the morning.

 The next morning my prediction came true and I woke up to find five people training around me, even though it was still dark.

I quickly packed my bags and left the park.

I was told that there is only one port for international cruise ships in Singapore, so we headed there.

The plan was to cross to India from here.

I arrived at a port called the World Tread Centre, which was indeed an international passenger port, with a large, modern building and a huge ship on the pier.

I was told that there were no passenger ships operating between Singapore and India at the moment.

Normally I would have been appalled at this point, but I had cargo ships in mind in the first place, so I figured that there was more to come.

Singapore is at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, so the only way forward from here is by boat, and somehow I was going to get on a boat.

There is only one port for passenger ships, but there are many ports for cargo ships, and as I cycled along the seafront, I saw a port full of containers.

I found the entrance and tried to enter, but there was a gate and a security guard who would not let an unknown foreigner in.

After some thought, I checked the phone book and decided to visit the shipping company.

I slept on harbor
[phot]I slept on harbor about 6 weeks

 From that day on, I slept in a construction site at the back of the World Tread Centre.

However, after six weeks of sleeping in the harbour and looking for a ship, I was unable to find one to take us to India.

 So I had to go back to Thailand the way I came.

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I slept on harbor