A bed recommended by Bee

Bicycle shoper Bee

I was riding well on the good roads when I got a puncture just before the city of Siem Reap.

sometimes good road
[phot]sometimes good road

The city was just around the corner, so I walked into town, pushing my bike, hoping to “get to a bike shop”.

While I was picking up some tools and fixing the puncture, a young man who seemed to be the shopkeeper took an interest in me and started talking to me in English.

Bicycle shop Vi
[phot]Bicycle shop Bee

“Where did you come from?”

The conversation started with the usual,

“Where are you staying?”

I told him I was going to sleep somewhere and he said,

“Are you a nice person?”

He said,

“I think I’m a good person”

“If you’re a good person, you can sleep in that bed”

He points to a bed outside.

A bed recommended by Bee
[phot]A bed recommended by Bee

“Are you sure you want to sleep here?”
I repeated.

He said

“Sure, I’ll sleep here for a week, a month, a year!
He said.

I got immediately where I would be sleeping in Siem Reap.

I had heard that Angkor Wat was free to enter after 5pm, which was great for me as I was planning to enter at 5pm.

He told me that he was called “Bee”, the son of the cycle shop here. After fixing the puncture,

I set off for Angkor Wat.

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A bed recommended by Bee