they gave me a dish

Don’t worry, there’s no rabies?

  • 2003年4月23日
  • 2022年3月1日
  • 2003

“I could die”

These words began to run through my head.

After the disinfectant had been applied, and the dog was no longer attacking, I shouted out to the building where the dog was probably kept.

the dog came from that building
[phot]the dog came from that building

“Wei-wei (Chinese), hello (English)”

And from inside the building came out a man in a public security uniform, apparently it was a public security building.

Showing the wound.

“That dog bit me, I might die of rabies”

I don’t understand Chinese, so I wrote on a piece of paper in the simplest possible Chinese characters.

Then one of the two public security officers came out and took the paper and pen.
“Don’t worry”

He wrote

What on earth?

I thought furiously, but my life was at stake and I was desperate.
“Why are you not worried?”
I write on a piece of paper.
Then he picks up a pen and says
“I was bitten two months ago too, but I’m OK now.”

wrote the younger officer.

“Oh, you too?”

I was tempted to say,, but as far as I know, rabies has an incubation period, and I’ve been exposed to rabies after two years.

“Isn’t that an incubation period?”

I told him that, but he insisted that he was fine, and so did the slightly older public safety officer who came out with him.

“It’s all right, it’s all right.”

I don’t know what he’s talking about, but he keeps saying.

“Well, you’d better eat”

And I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out, only that he’s written it on a piece of paper.
I took that to mean:

“I’m sorry our dog bit you, have a bite to eat and you’ll be in a better mood”

That’s what I took it to mean.

“Hmmm, well…”

In an unfamiliar turn of events, the dog bite was left out of the story and I was treated to a meal. He served me a bowl of cold fried rice mixed with white rice and fried eggs, with no side dishes.

they gave me a dish
[phot]They gave me a food

“I can’t eat any more!”

A full stomach is a happy stomach,” he said.

With a full belly, I thought it over, but instead of going back or making an emergency evacuation, I continued up the hill. Mentally I was overwhelmed, a dog bite and a long walk up the hill was not something I wanted to do, but there was no one to help me, if I didn’t go on, who would?

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