There is small hospital in town

Hospitals in Zogon

  • 2003年4月24日
  • 2022年3月1日
  • 2003

I arrived at a town called Zogon,

I couldn’t sleep, thinking:

“If I get sick, I might die”

I couldn’t sleep for fear of getting sick.

I could not sleep well
[phot]I could not sleep well

The next morning I quickly took down my tents and returned to the town of Zogon.

I arrive at Zogon Town
[phot]I arrive at Zogon Town

There was a small clinic in the town.

There is small hospital in town
[phot]There is small hospital in town

I rushed there and wrote on a piece of paper as I had done yesterday

“I’ve been bitten by a dog, I’m worried about rabies.”

She soothes my impatience and says

“Wait there”
She points to a row of chairs. I’m in a hurry, but I don’t have the courage to run into the clinic, so I sit down.

Then the woman from the reception desk said,

“Follow me”,

she said.

She showed me to the examination room. In the room there is a man who looks like a doctor in a white coat. In writing

“Dog, bite, me”.

on a piece of paper.

The doctor says,

“Let me see your wound,”
says the doctor.

“I’m worried about rabies”

I write on the paper.

“It’s not in Tibet”

He simply writes on the paper.

Geez. I had heard this phrase everywhere in China, but this time I was serious because my life was at stake.

” Isn’t there rabies in China?”

I asked him.

“Yes, but not in Tibet”

he said.

“Yunnan has rabies”

I say, I asked him,

“How come there is rabies in the neighbouring area and not here? ”

I don’t think there are any zones for dogs.

“Where did you get bitten?”
The doctor asked.

‘In the mountains between Markham and Zogon.
I said.

“Then you’ll be all right”

“Are you sure?”
And so on and so forth.
“Rabies is not present.

By the way, in the guidebook which I copied in Lijiang (a city near Tibet), it says

“If you are bitten by a dog in Tibet, go to a hospital immediately, the mortality rate is 100%”

the Japanese guidebook.

However, as I had no intention of getting a vaccine back in the big city, I was sure I would feel better if I believed the local doctor who said there was none.

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There is small hospital in town