if people are living I ask water

Securing water

  • 2003年4月20日
  • 2022年2月26日
  • 2003

I woke up on the edge of a cliff, no one was in sight, no cars were passing, it was a quiet dawn.

I slept here
[phot]I slept here

For breakfast I had cookies with lots of honey.

The road here is particularly narrow, barely wide enough for one car to pass, without any paving or guardrails.
but wide enough for a bicycle.

Road like this
[phot]Road in Tibet

 The sun is very strong in Tibet, and when it comes out, you feel as if your skin is being burnt.

On the other hand, when the sun doesn’t come out, the temperature doesn’t rise and it is very cold.

And it’s always so dry, the sweat blows off in an instant and my lips are dry and rough.

In addition, breathing was difficult, and when I opened my mouth to breathe, my throat became so dry and thirsty that I could not speak, and even hurt.

 Before entering Tibet, I had a hard time with the lack of water, so since then I always tried to carry water with me. If there was a house, I could get some water, but it was very difficult to get water in a deserted place.

if people are living I ask water
[phot]If I find people, I ask water

If I drank bad water, I knew immediately, because it made me sick to my stomach.

 Whenever I found a spring when I was saving water, I would jump at it and drink so much that I thought I could not drink any more, thinking that

Springs are rare
[phot]Springs are rare.

“the best drink on earth is water”.

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if people are living I ask water